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How to Enter - Entries, Schedule and Rules

All entries closed on 30 June 2024, however, you can still view the 2024 Schedule of Sections Offered (PDF), including the General Conditions and Eisteddfod Rules.

1. Please ensure that you read the following document:

The 2024 Schedule of Sections Offered (PDF) which includes the General Conditions of Entry and the Eisteddfod Competition Rules. This document contains a list of all the events into which you can enter (known as 'sections'), and specifies any special restrictions or requirements for particular sections. You may enter into as many items you wish to that you are eligible for.

On the day of your performance, please arrive at the registration desk for check-in, with a copy of your music/script (if applicable) for the adjudicator no later than 20 minutes before the commencement of the session your section is rostered for. We cannot guarantee that other entrants will turn up, and whole sections have occasionally been cancelled due to withdrawals.

(Please note, if your discipline provides an accompanist and you intend to make use of their services, you must make contact with the accompanist at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled performance. The accompanist may decline to accompany an entrant if this courtesy has not been observed).

The following are tentative dates (subject to possible minor changes) for when the disciplines will be timetabled, and the confirmed adjudicators:

Speech & Drama19 - 21 August  Linda Gefken
Piano24 - 27 August  Darryl Coote
Instrumental28 - 31 August  Anne Gilby
Choral & Vocal5 - 7 September  Lucas de Jong
Brass Solos & Ensembles7 September   Louisa Trewartha
Brass Bands8 September   Louisa Trewartha
Theatrical Dancing20 - 29 September   Luke Alleva

We provide official accompanists for vocal, instrumental and brass sections. If you anticipate needing to use the official accompanist, you should send your music to them several weeks prior to the performance. The contact details of our accompanists are as follows:

Vocal and Instrumental  
Anne Lewitzka
ph: 0455 848 209
Brass Solos weekend
Heather James
ph: 0414 964 760

We are a child safe organisation. Our Child Safety Policies can be found on the Child Safety page.

If you have any queries about the Eisteddfod, please email us:

Music Copyright

Please make sure all your music selections are from original, published sheet music that you possess, or that are in the public domain.

Entrants in music performance sections are required to bring originals of submitted music with them on the day of their performance, and any photocopies submitted for adjudication will be destroyed after the competition in accordance with Copyright Regulations.